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"Reality had no gears, and you never knew what surprises would come spinning out of its chaos." -Scott Westerfeld

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Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his daughter Sophie


If Darwinist Boffins don’t say “let’s get Kraken” before they engineer sea beasties, what’s the point?

I just want some good fanfiction about Deryn and Alek being in their 40’s during WWII




Alek singing Let It Go as he throws the pope’s letter off the Leviathan

you don’t know how long i’ve waited for this post


+10 points if Deryn gets to sing Defying Gravity


Rich Room,” of the Schlössli (Little Castle), a manor house built in 1682 for Johann Gaudenz von Capol (1641–1723)

16bitmemories Asked:
Anything Leviathan related?

My answer:



Then Alek does the thing and the world doesn’t almost end

I’m not even trying anymore


Louis Sullivan’s National Farmers Bank in Owatonna, Minnesota


A sketchy doodle from two days ago. Don’t worry Bovril, Alek’s going to give you the strawbrry; of course, not because of your pleading face, it’s because of the sharp pain in his shoulder derived from a constant jabbing of the elbow from a certain midshipman.

[am I the only one that likes to call him Bovvie in my head because idk]


Steam Powered Elevator, St Petersburg, Russia



What hogwarts houses do you think each of the leviathan characters would be sorted into?

bc i’m lazy + bc i’ve been meaning to do this before now, most of this is a copy-paste from another post i once wrote:

I headcanon Deryn as Slytherin (with a Gryffindor complex), Lilit as Ravenclaw (with a Slytherin complex), and Alek as Hufflepuff.

Deryn’s resourcefulness and intelligence are traits I focused on in placing her. For me, Deryn’s one ambition—to fly—is the main thing that defines and drives her (initially, at least). So many of her actions (her bravery—which is basically Deryn preferring to get things done in spite of fear—and the way she applies her intelligence) are geared toward obtaining and maintaining her ambition(s).

One of my favorite posts on tumblr, about why Edmund Pevensie would be a Slytherin, articulates some defining traits of the House that helped me form my own Slytherin!Deryn headcanons. Since the original poster puts things so much better than I can, I’ll just pull some of my favorite quotes:

[Edmund’s] a Slytherin because he’s ambitious and cunning. He knows what he wants and he’s been offered a way to get it…. Slytherins are clever, shrewd, ambitious, and they are loyal to what serves them best. Edmund is also clever, ambitious, and has that element of trickery and mischief about him trademark of Slytherins…. He’s a Slytherin because he’s cunning, ambitious, loyal to his cause (but can change), resourceful, and he’s a self-preserver.

This precisely describes how I read Deryn. She knows what she wants and she’ll do what she needs to do to get it. And goodness, if there was ever a self-preserver, Deryn is it.

Much of the same goes for Lilit, which is why I’ve wavered between putting her in Ravenclaw or Slytherin (and suburbanglasgow makes some great points about Slytherin!Lilit that I like here). Lilit knows what she wants and she does what she needs to do to obtain it, just like Deryn. But for me, Lilit’s most telling trait is how much she values intelligence and open-mindedness, both in herself and in others. This is why she gives Alek such a hard time upon first acquaintance — she’s challenging him to do something with the assets he possesses, and in some cases, inherited: his money, his education, his family name. I can imagine her challenging him in a similar fashion even if they met under different circumstances. And it’s why she’s so taken with Deryn — she’s attracted to Dylan/Deryn’s intelligence, competence, and resourcefulness, and would be, I think, even sans the revolution.

Hufflepuff!Alek is my baby; FIGHT ME. So much of what drives him comes from a position of love, loyalty, and generosity, even though he acts like a lil shit for about 75% of the story. (The other 25% of the time, he belittles and dismisses himself so thoroughly that he catapults right over “self-esteem issues” into “actively self-loathing.”) But, see, when Alek loves someone, he will lie for them — he will kill for them. His one goal (which manifests as a desire to save the world), is to be useful. For example, he has an excellent education, but once he’s aboard the Leviathan, all he can think about his how useless his education is. For him, the value of knowledge lies in how much he can do with it, who he can help. Alek is happiest when he’s put in a hard day’s work and he’s got engine grease under his fingernails, and the one time we see him laughing in Goliath, he’s been working topside. He wants world peace and he invests everything he has into whatever scheme will achieve it, whether it’s funding revolution in the Ottoman Empire or promoting Tesla’s machine.

As for a couple of other characters:

Jaspert is Hufflepuff. He’s in barely a chapter, but he puts himself and his career on the line so that his baby sister can fly and that is basically the most important thing to him right now.

Newkirk is Gryffindor. He is the Neville Longbottom of the Leviathan universe — it takes a wee bit  for his badassery to kick in and develop into its final form.